How to Win at Omaha High-Low Poker By Mike Cappelletti . November 2013 . Vol 14 . No. 11

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Secrets of Winning Roulette By Martin Jensen

Review by Howard Berenbon

If roulette is your game and you want to learn every way to beat it, legal or not then you need the book Secrets at Winning Roulette by Martin Jensen. Martin presents some exciting strategies for winning some very intriguing to me. This is a fully packed 256 page book with advice I've never heard including an illegal way to gain the casino edge. I'm all ears!

First you'll learn how to play the game with all the important details including some history and the different wheel configurations. Then you'll jump right into those strategies.  I have heard of biased wheels where numbers can repeat if they are not properly balanced and ball control or tracking, but I was very curious about the rest.

You'll learn why you want to play biased wheels and how to find them, number prediction by visual tracking, repeating numbers (I've seen that), gaffed wheels, computer predictions and much more. Jensen also covers the classical roulette systems, about nine, and how to play them for a profit.

As far as gaffing the games, in this day and age it's highly unlikely the casinos are rigging the wheels. Laws are in place and casinos can lose there license if cheating happens, and they don't cheat players, period. It's not even necessary. They have the advantage otherwise they wouldn't be in business.

Turns out an illegal way to try to win at roulette is to build a computer driven optical scanner to track the ball and predict the numbers. And Jensen even includes the electronic circuit to build it. Definitely illegal and though the gadget may improve your odds, you will definitely end up in jail awaiting trial for defrauding the casino. Not recommended!

Secrets at Winning Roulette is available from Click for more information or to order.

Howard Berenbon

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