No-Limit Texas Hold’em by Brad Daugherty & Tom McEvoy . February 2013 . Vol 14 . No. 2

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No-Limit Texas Hold’em by Brad Daugherty & Tom McEvoy

So, you say your game is Texas Hold’em and you want to play the poker tournaments.  We’ll you owe it to yourself to get the book “No-Limit Texas Hold’em” by Brad Daugherty and Tom McEvoy.  Brad and Tom are world champion poker players with valuable advice you’ll need if you want to have the edge at Texas Hold’em.   For just $19.95 you’ll glean their expert knowledge from 12 courses and more than 70 examples on playing to win. If you’re new to no-limit poker, this is a must-have course to learn the game.  Even if you know the game, you may be surprised to find lots valuable playing tips and techniques that will help improve your play.

Just a Little History

No-limit poker is a relatively new game in the US (last 10 years, or so), where limit poker was the norm. In no-limit poker, a player can make a very high bet to protect his hand and force an opponent to pay a steep price to stay in the game. Also, if you think have the best hand (you can’t always be sure), no-limit betting will cause unsure opponents to fold, leaving you the big winner.  And it’s an exciting game, especially when a player calls “all-in” which can make for a huge pot with a big win, or a big loss if you intuition is faulty.

What’s Inside

Well, you’ll find 12 chapters which translate to 12 single no-limit poker courses in this 224 page book (published by Cardoza Publishing in Las Vegas). Chapter 1 is the Crash Course for no-limit beginners (if you’re experienced, you can skip to chapter 2). You’ll find everything you’ll need to know to play the game like Posting the Blinds, Posting an Ante, The Goal of Each Hand, The Four Betting Rounds, Deciding How Much to Bet, Types of Hands to Play, Reading the Board Cards, etc.  Here’s a list of courses:

1, Brad’s Crash Course in No-Limit Hold’em – the Basics
2. Shifting Your Thinking from Limit to No-Limit – how much to bet and more
3. Eight Winning Principles of No-Limit Hold’em – you don’t need to win a lot of pots, and more
4. How to Determine the Strength of Your Hand – all about tournament success and more
5. Determining How Much to Bet – betting guidelines, etc.
6. Understanding Your Opponents – analyzing the 8 player types and how to play against them
7. Knowing When and How to Bluff – everything you want and need to know about bluffing
8. Tournament Situations – structure, strategy, dealing with players and more
9. Tournament Playing the Flop – betting before or after the first 3 cards are dealt
10. Bluffing Situations – strategy with examples
11. How to Play Cash Games Online
12. 10 Ways to Improve Your Game

Just from the above course titles, you can see you’ll be guided through every aspect of No-Limit Hold’em. You’ll find detailed with examples, tips and advice on playing your best game with the goal of leaving the casino a winner.

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