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Detroit Casinos: Michigan area - Hotels Gambling and Caesars Windsor Casino Ontario Canada

Casino Detroit Magazine in Michigan, is the first Internet-based publication to cover the Detroit casinos, and surrounding areas including Harrah's Caesars Windsor Casino in Ontario Canada (non smoking) and the MGM Grand Detroit Casino & Resort, Greektown Casino, Motor City Casino and Soaring Eagle in Mount Pleasant. We also include listings of the local restaurants and hotels near the casinos. If you plan on traveling to Detroit to gamble, you can book your trip right here.  Find a Detroit hotel room and check availability from our hotel list, rent a car or buy airline tickets.


What's New in Slots at the Detroit Casinos for 2019

By Howard Berenbon

MGM Grand Detroit

MGM has over 3,500 slots and video poker machines. The latest, Fortune Cup, simulates the thrill of horse racing with this advanced multi-station horse racing game. It features mechanical horses merged with digital video animation; and 10 betting staions with intuitive touch screens. Also new are Shark Week Jaws of Steel, Monopoly Evolution, Blake Shelton and Renegade Diamond Blaze.


MotorCity offers over 2,700 slot games to play, and maybe win. Thought MotorCity didn't list their newest games, here's a list of what they offer, old and new:

Fu Xuan, Fort Knox, Fortune 88, Zeus & Kronos, Fast Cash, Fu Nan Fu Nu, Fate of the 8 Power Wheel, Star Watch, Cleopatra, Queen of Atlantis, Walking Dead II, Dancing Drums, Money Rain Deluxe, Crazy Money Deluxe and Lock It Link Games.


Greektown offers almot 3,000 slots for fun, and possible profit. Here's a list of the six newest slots.



Detroit Casino News: Growth for 2019*

Detroit, May 21, 2019 - All three Detroit casinos, MGM Grand, MotorCity and Greetown casinos report a total revenue of just over $125 million for April 2019. However while MGM Grand Detroit and Greektown casinos reported an increase of 2.3 percent for early 2019, MotorCity Casino had a 0.5 percent decrease.

* Michigan Gaming Control Board report


Casinos in Space

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Casinos in Space is a novel about a group of scientists who travel with their wives on a starship to a distant planet for gambling and relaxation. While on the ship, they spend their time in a replica of the Las Vegas Strip for gambling, and eat at Las Vegas style buffets and fine restaurants. Paul Erickson, one of the members, reluctantly goes on the vacation because he is mentally recovering from the death of his brother from brain cancer. Right from the start, Paul was acting erratic and his friends were concerned. And to their surprise, Paul went missing, nowhere to be found.

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Caught in Time

This is a Detroit-based book, so we'd appreciate your support.

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This is a book about history taught by some Michigan scientists in a unique way. College students view historical events through a time travel machine simulation using 3D holographic movies. But is it a simulation? Intrigue and espionage happen! Howard Berenbon.

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