BOOKS ON PLAYING CASINO SLOTS . April 2010 . Vol 11 . No. 4

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By Howard Schwartz - Gambler's Book Shop Las Vegas

Listen! If there were any way books on slots could make anyone a sure winner, no one would ever write one! True, but think of it this way— understanding the concepts of payback, money management, comprehending what random number generators are (among other things) can make playing machines more fun and make your bankroll last longer. Sometimes we can learn from others—their mistakes, their good luck, their ability to take the money and run at the right time. Here are some helpful titles for the novice or to buy for a friend who has many questions you can't answer:

Slot Smarts (Winning Strategies at the Slot Machine)by Claude Halcombe (157 pages, paperbound, $12). Published in 1996, it's still a fine “common-sense” book explaining how to get comfortable, which machines are worth considering and why, how to make your bankroll last longer, understanding payback and pay tables, and why winning consistently is so difficult.

Break the One-Armed Bandits by Frank Scoblete (178 pages, paperbound, $12.95). Published in 1996, it examines the history of the slot machines, the mechanics (how they work), some ideas on tournament play, a theory on where the tightest machines are and why they're placed there, how to avoid ripoff artists in the casino and some funny superstitions slot players carry around with them.

I Did It! (My Life After Megabucks) by John Tippin (150 pages, paperbound, $16.95). Published in 2001, this biography and tell-all story is about a many who hit an $11 million megabucks jackpot in 1996 at the Las Vegas Hilton, and how his life changed because of it. The author, who lives in Hawaii, advises potential players about how much money to bring when gambling, offers advice on playing progressive machines, tips on playing video poker, strange superstitions people have about playing slot machines.

Slot Machine Maniaby Dwight and Louise Crevelt (243 pages, paperbound, $7.99). This 1988 book is what you'd call and “oldie but a goody” because it was done 22 years ago but the package is quite unique. Written by a man who designed the machines and his mother who played them, it's a balance of how it works, common misconceptions explained, how cheaters operate, money management, an explanation of jackpots and percentages. Pocket-sized and well-priced, it's a perfect simple package of advice.

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