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By Howard Schwartz--Gambler's Book Shop

Michael Craig (if the name’s familiar, he authored the super cash game chronicle titled The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King), has hit another home run, this time with the perfectly timed The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide (Tournament Edition).  This 438-page paperbound, which sells for $29.95 features a dozen world-class poker players who tell you what it takes to make the final table at a major tourney  and how to up your game to a higher  level.

A master interviewer and an enthusiast of the game (you might say he’s hooked on it now), Craig more than just picked the brains of the some the most consistent and brightest players—he vacuumed them for good of those who dream of being the best some day.

Included in the golden dozen players are two Binion’s World Series of Poker winners—Huck Seed and Chris Ferguson. The others are Howard Lederer, Phil Gordon, Gavin Smith, Ted Forrest, David Grey, Mike Matusow, Andy Bloch, Rafe Furst, Richard Brodie and Keith Sexton.

Yes, Gambler’s Book Shop gets a nice mention in the book, and we appreciate it, but this book is very special because it carries original, smoothly arranged material for the highest level of play. It’s like being able to ask at a small, specialized seminar, those key questions few players have the time to answer. Craig pulls that information from the players and arranges it so it can be absorbed, analyzed and applied easily.

There are 19 meaty chapters to this book. Subjects or chapter headings include eight on no-limit play and the Theory of Leverage; Play Before the Flop; Play After the Flop; Big Stack Play; Short-Stack Play and Online Tournament Strategy. Chapters also focus on pot limit hold‘em; limit hold‘em; Omaha eight or better, and pot limit Omaha. Chapters also discuss seven-card stud tournament play; seven stud eight or better and one on razz.

The theory about buying any new poker book is that if it offers one or two new ideas that help improve your game or eliminates specific weaknesses, it has paid for itself. This book should pay for itself almost immediately.

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