Teasers and Totals; Lawrence's Black Book Great Betting Timesavers . October 2006

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Teasers and Totals; Lawrence's Black Book Great Betting Timesavers

By Howard Schwartz--Gambler's Book Shop

Once the regular football season begins, one factor bettors often run out of is the time to research the games. To speed up handicapping, to help you look ahead are two fine time-saving resources from two of the more respected names in the business, Andy Iskoe and Marc Lawrence.

Iskoe, a long time Las Vegas resident has his 2006 edition of NFL Teasers & Totals ready. The 73-page, 8x11 plastic spiralbound ($29.95) looks at two popular pro football propositions in more than two dozen categories (including favorite, dog, grass, turf, vs. division, vs. conference, first or last four games, Monday nights).

The book examines the results of games where teams have six points added to the line. The study is multi-faceted in that it tells you how all NFL teams have done each year for the last six seasons by year, then for the last three years altogether and for six years overall. Some angles have been successful more than 70 percent of the time, most in the 60 percent range.

Iskoe offers a similar look for each individual team for the same short and long-range period and then by season. The Green Bay Packers for example, remain an outstanding teaser bet in certain situations, including games played on grass since 2000 (they are 56-19-1 for 74 percent); also for the last three years, 14-5 (70 percent) as a dog for the last three years. The Philadelphia Eagles for the past three years are 16-3-1 as a home favorite (80 percent).

The same situations apply to those betting totals and want to look back each year since 2000, for the last three years or the last six, combined.

One sample that stands out -- the New England Patriots are 14-4 (78 percent) going over for the past three years when facing conference teams. Another is the Pittsburgh Steelers who are 16-4-2 in overs the last three seasons as a home favorite. Simply, they went over in 16 of 22 chances the last three years as favorites.

Want to see how often games landed on a particular number for every season since 1981? Iskoe tells you.

What are key totals numbers -- how often do they hit numbers like 34, 37, 41? It's here, year by year for the entire league overall, in a section called Distribution of Total Points 1981-2005 (Regular Season Games).

For the beginner or those delving into Totals or Teaser bets for the first time, it's a gold mine of material. For the seasoned player who may have missed a season or some games and whose database is questionable, Iskoe brings you up to date.

Marc Lawrence's Black Book (2006 Edition) is a 107-page spiralbound in 8x11 format ($29.95). The book contains betting trends, angles for both college and pro teams, many of the plays 100 percenters -- in that a team might be 0-10 or 10-0 in a variety of situations. Plus he's arranged the book by team schedules so if you're in a big rush and just want to act on past history and nothing else, you can spot a play where a team might be 6-0 in an opening game (the Atlanta Falcons are 6-0 as dogs in their first game of the year against the spread). They'll be at Carolina Sept. 10 of this year.

You'll be able to spot pro trends and angles like how teams have performed off a win, off a double digit win or in a revenge situation. For the colleges, again, you can spot angles according to schedule and in more than two dozen situations.

One helpful bonus is a section on pro football coaches and how they impact team performance in 16 situations such as off a win, off a loss, their best role (home dog, home favorite, road favorite, etc.).

The books are so comprehensive, and have saved so many people so much time, there are rumors (probably true) that some Johnny-come-lately sports services buy the books and present the material as their own.

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