Essential Blackjack Wisdom Book . December 2012 . Vol 13 . No. 12

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Essential Blackjack Wisdom By Avery Cardoza

Review By Howard Berenbon

This is a great book for anyone who plays casino blackjack, even if you’re an experienced player.  You’ll start with the basics, and then go on to Avery’s “Play-By-Pay” examples, so you know what’s correct when these situations happen.  This is his Play By Play Approach to winning at blackjack, his wisdom from years of experience, and anyone playing the game should know these essentials if you want to win.   In fact, almost every page has advice from this expert in the form of Winning Tips or Situations covering any game play that happens.  The cards for each example are displayed, and you’re offered “The Right Play to Make” as the solution with his reasons why.  For example, one smart tip is to always assume the dealer’s down card is 10 before making your move, and he includes a paragraph with his reasoning.  If you’re experienced, you might know most of the rules and how to act, but you could find some new insight.  Beginners will find this guide essential for learning the correct strategy, or the right way to play if you want any chance at winning.   For a situation example on splitting a hand, it may be advisable to split a pair of 8s and double your play, but this depends on the dealer’s up card.   For every situation that may arise, Avery offers his best advice for that winning edge.  Money management is also important, and covered with tips on what to do and what not to do.

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, or visiting your local casino and you’ve never played blackjack, but will soon try a hand or two, Essential Blackjack Wisdom By Avery Cardoza is a must read (and re-read) before you leave.  Experienced gambler’s can use this book as a refresher course in the best way to play and win.   It’s an easy read with some great advice.