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By Howard Schwartz

Logical Approach, aka Andy Iskoe, has always been a super resource for football bettors, and the arrival of his NFL Teams & Situations book (141 pages, 8x11 plastic spiralbound, $29.95) proves it again. Also, there’s another new kid on the block at Gambler’s Book Shop—Fantasy Football, The Next Level by David Dorey (300 pages, paperbound, $15.99), which fans should read immediately as participants in league play are in their final stages of research.

The NFL Teams & Situations resource has to be one of the most important angle analysis efforts of our generation. Years ago, people probably spend hours in libraries, perhaps in their basements, poring over old box scores, pointspread information and past and present schedules to come up with a handful of potential plays. Today, because of computers and dedicated researchers who know what handicappers are looking for, the information is right at their fingertips.

Okay, so what does the book contain?

Simply the past six seasons of NFL play (2001 to 2006) with 1,528 games (96 games for each pro team, except for new arrival Houston which has been active for 80 games). There are a variety of situations (more than two dozen) examined, year by year, for the last three or for the last six overall to look at for each team—including how they did as home dog, home favorite, road dog, on grass, in their first four games or last four, after they scored 30 or more points or against conference or non conference teams.

This kind of information helps answer many questions: What are some of the best situations or worst for each team? How about money lines versus spreads? How are they converted from pick’em to 14 or more points?  How about a breakdown of openers at home versus on the road? The book also shows how teams did in final seasonal home and road games and how they did after bye games or following non-Sunday games. How’d they do after covering as a home favorite since 2001? Which teams produced the most profit since 2001, altogether or year by year since 2001?  What was the average margin of victory for all teams since 1984 and how did the entire league do in dozens of situations for the past three seasons or as far back as 1997?

Finally Iskoe shows you what he calls “the strongest situational performances.”

Overall, this is a remarkable compilation as usual, from a master numbers cruncher.

Fantasy Leaguers looking for fresh ideas might make time for David Dorey’s Next Level book. The author has been an active “leaguer” for 20 years. His book is a combination personal past experiences including errors and achievements—what he believes is over-rated or neglected—tips, shortcuts, ideas for finding the edge.

Who are the over-achievers, under-achievers; where the sleepers come from; how do you analyze statistics correctly and when should you take a chance on rookies?

Here you can learn to identify talent, become alert to players ready for “breakout years—the book is loaded with ideas.

It’s about how to build your team with players who will produce—written by one of the nation’s top fantasy league experts.

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