MOSHMAN’S SIT ‘N GO; KRIEGER’S 52 GREAT POKER TIPS . September 2007 . Vol 8 . No. 9

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By Howard Schwartz--Gambler's Book Shop

Cal Tech math whiz Collin Moshman has filled a great need for those poker players seeking advice on beating one-table tournaments (the sit ‘n’ go variety) which begin with nine or 10 players and usually end up paying the first three finishers. Moshman’s book is Sit ‘n Go Strategy(281 pages, paperbound, $24.95). Also arriving at Gambler’s Book Shop is a book by the respected pro Lou Krieger—52 Great Poker Tips -- At Home, Tournament and Online (160 pages, paperbound, $9.95).

Moshman’s work covers four major sections—Low Blind Play; Mid Blind Play; High Blind Play and Career Play. Packed with a detailed index; sample, illustrated hands and some mathematical formulas, it’s a well-written balance of advice, situations to help you determine what the right move is, and get you to remember why.

What are premium hands in low-blind play? What would be considered speculative hands? He shows you excellent flops, solid draws, marginal hands, and then moves on to the same concepts in mid-blind play, including how to attack passivity; bluffing and how to defeat tight-aggressive opponents, among other moves.

In the high-blind section Moshman outlines critical concepts such as bubble play, calling all-ins, short-handed play and heads-up play.

The book clarifies these tournaments versus other forms of poker including comparisons and difference between this form of play and mufti-table table tournaments and no-limit cash play.

Overall, Moshman’s book is a first of a kind to cover the format in depth, and it should provide an edge to the novice and fill in some gaps for those who have already participated in this format.

Krieger—ever the teacher, packs a trainload of ideas into his newest book.

Examples: How to properly figure the odds in tournaments; how to figure implied odds; adjusting to the number of opponents; calling from the small blind; folding before the flop or after; record keeping; playing against maniacs.

Further, he covers raising with a draw; slow playing; check-raising; when to bet or check and looking for tells.

There are 10 pages of poker terminology and a three-page index of subjects and concepts.

This book will serve to tune up or help improve a low-limit player; a newcomer to the tournament world and it all comes from a respected author and teacher of the game.

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