Casinos in Detroit -Beat Multiple Deck Blackjack . July 2013 . Vol 14 . No. 7

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Beat Multiple Deck Blackjack by Marten Jensen

Review by Howard Berenbon

Marten Jensen, aka "Doctor of Gambling" is well known for his expertise on casino gambling and has several titles published by Cardoza Publishing (Las Vegas). Beat Multiple Deck Blackjack, published in 2003, isn't too new, but it's one to consider if you play blackjack, but don't think you have a chance in "hell" against the casino with their multiple deck blackjack games. If you're a counter, would be or expert, it's seems a difficult task to tackle with a mishmash of cards flying from the 5 to 8 deck card shoe.

So, what's the secret to success with those impossible odds at counting? You will find it in his 144 page, 16 chapter book. First you'll go through blackjack fundamentals, then on to variations and start with strategies for the novice. Then, you'll find some solid playing advice, money management information (very important) and more playing strategies. Once you master the game, following the rules and strategies outlined, you will have an advantage against multiple deck blackjack and you should do well.

Howard Berenbon

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