Omaha High-Low How to Win at the Lower Limits . May 2011 . Vol 12 . No. 5

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December 10, 2010, Detroit, Michigan--Completion of a $100 million bond sale that will finance the renovation of the old MGM Casino for new Detroit police and fire department headquarters.

November 3, 2010, Detroit, Michigan-- U.S. Customs seized $19,901 at the Detroit Windsor Tunnel from two men returning from Caesars Windsor Casino because they tried to avoid declaring the cash.

Omaha High-Low How to Win at the Lower Limits By Shane Smith

Reviewed By Howard Berenbon

Cardoza Publishing in Las Vegas has a lot of good How to Advice Books on casino gambling.  One book, Omaha High-Low By Shane Smith ($12.95 US) had an intriguing proclamation in the first paragraph of chapter 1.  Shane Smith says that Omaha High-Low Poker (sometimes called Omaha high-low 8-or-better) is one game you can consistently win.  Why? Well, Shane says the competition is weak, learning correct strategies is simple, and if you apply his principles, and I quote, “you’ll find yourself enjoying win after win at the felt.”  It’s also an exciting game with a lot of action and a lot of chips in the pot, and usually multiple winners per pot.

This book is 144 pages with 12 easy-to-read chapters filled with advice and strategies that can help you win.  You’ll find the Basics, Starting Hands Strategy, Playing the Flop, Taking the Turn, Rollin’ on the River, Strategic Concepts, Tournament Tips, a chapter on Eight Costly Omaha Errors you must avoid and more.

If you've never played the game of Omaha High-Low, it's similar to "limit hold-em" except you receive 4 hole cards instead of 2. You get some detailed instructions on playing in the Basics chapter. If you already know the game, you can skip that chapter. Another important chapter is The Starting Hands Strategy. You need to know when to stay in or when to fold. Smith give some very thorough solid advise. A third and important chapter is Strategic Concepts. It includes miscellaneous winning concepts, general strategies and advice to help you maximize your profits.

If poker is your game, but you’ve never had an interest in trying Omaha High-Low, then Shane Smith’s book is one to consider.

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