SUPER SYSTEM 2; PAI GOW POKER . November 2009 . Vol 10 . No. 11

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Super System 2 1580422314 has been unavailable for a few months but it's back in stock with some minor updates. To avoid confusion, remember the original Super System was published in 1978. Much has changed in the past three decades, and the follow up tome now reflects those changes, including sections titled Niche Poker by Phil Hellmuth, Online Poker by Doyle Brunson, 43 tips from Mike Caro, Proposition Bets by Lyle Berman and a discussion about specialization from Steve Zolotow. The major sections are Jennifer Harmon on Limit Hold’em, Bobby Baldwin on Omaha 8-or-Better, Todd Brunson on Seven Stud High-Low 8-Or-Better, Lyle Berman on Pot-Limit Omaha High; Daniel Negreanu on Triple Draw, Doyle Brunson on No-Limit Hold’em and a section titled Doyle's Poker Clinic, which includes limit and no-limit Hold’em concepts.
This newer edition sells for $29.95, in paperbound with 699 pages.

Powerful Pai Gow Poker (Best Play Against The Casino) by Peter Vanderhart (112 pages, paperbound, $17.99) is highly praised by two authors “in the know.” Stanford Wong who himself authored Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker and Mike Shackelford, author of Gambling 102 both like this text.

The book has five sections broken down into the basics, the best way to set your hand when acting as a player, advice when acting as the banker, about 100 practice hands and finally a condensed approximate strategy plus the house edge. Nicely arranged with many tables to assist both beginner and experienced players the author used more than 100 million simulated hands in his analysis and research.

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