The Poker Tournament Formula 2 By Arnold Snyder. September 2013 . Vol 14 . No. 9

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The Poker Tournament Formula 2 By Arnold Snyder

Review by Howard Berenbon

The book, Poker Tournament Formula 2 from Cardoza Publishing, offers everything you ever wanted to know about playing and getting that winning edge on poker tournaments. The book is big, over 490 pages, and packed with principles and strategies that you'll want to know and need to learn to get the edge on tournaments. But, beware, because it offers an unconventional approach to the poker tournament strategies. If you follow Snyder's expert advice (what the top pros practice), you could increase your chances at winning tournaments.

You'll start the book to learn, and I quote, "Most of What you Know is Wrong" about pro-level no-limit hold'em trounaments. After that sinks in, you'll go on to Principles, and there are lots to learn. Like chips can be used to call for useful information from your opponent, not just to bet or bluff. Chapters include analyzing a tournament's structure, tool with bluffs, reads and additude. Part III covers strategies and the five phases of a poker tournament: Stack Building, The Minefield, The Bubble, The Money and the Final Table. Part IV is for hard core players with info on bankrolling and satellites. Satellites are tournaments that award entry into other tournaments, but do not usually offer money to winners.

If you're serious about tournament poker, you can't go wrong with a book that details everything you need to know for just $24.95. The book is available from Cordoza Publishing in Las Vegas.

Howard Berenbon

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